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Estate Planning

Estate planning is highly personal. While we use the tax advantages of life insurance to protect, transfer and leverage funds from our clients’ taxable estates to create tax-free assets, it is our ability to fully understand each client’s circumstances and personal wishes that is our most valuable asset. As a result, we are able to design alternatives to meet their personal objectives, preserve more of the family’s estate, and significantly reduce the tax burden. If needed, we will also work in accordance with a client’s existing legal and/or accounting professionals to confirm uniformity across the entire financial landscape.

Simply, we work to implement a prudent estate plan.

As part of the service we provide to clients, Continuum Wealth Advisors, LLC continuously monitors current legal, insurance and economic conditions to make sure that each client’s plan is both appropriate and compliant with recent developments. We also periodically advise our clients of any changes that may impact their plans. Keeping a vigilant watch over these factors is as important to any estate plan as its initial implementation.

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