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Insurance Planning

At Continuum, we have expertise in the three areas of insurance that can protect and preserve your wealth: life insurance, disability insurance, and long term care insurance. We have particular expertise in the use of life insurance for tax and business planning.

Life insurance is a sophisticated and powerful financial instrument that should serve as the cornerstone of any effective estate and retirement plan. It’s that simple. Life insurance enjoys special tax benefits under the Internal Revenue Code that makes it an effective tool not only for protecting your family, but also for achieving lifetime goals. It can serve as its own asset class and as a compelling means of creating a secure retirement. Layer in certain additional benefits—known as riders—and life insurance can provide a secure retirement plan for you and your family whether you live, die, or become disabled—and that’s from the first day that you own the policy contract. No other asset can do that.

At Continuum, we’re experts in the use of life insurance as part of an effective estate and retirement plan. We advise you in making the right choices about the best type of life insurance, along with the appropriate level of coverage, for you specific circumstances. We also work closely with you during the underwriting process, in order to obtain the best rating, which in turn provides the lowest possible premium. We’re also completely independent, so we can negotiate among all of the top carriers to get the most competitive rate.

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