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The Benefits of Working With an RIA

Registered investment advisors belong to one of the fastest-growing segments of the financial services industry, yet many investors still do not know the benefits of working with an RIA.

What is an RIA?

A registered investment advisor (RIA) is a professional advisory firm that offers personalized financial advice to its clients. Whether registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) or state securities regulators, RIAs are subject to the Investment Advisers Act of 1940 and have a fiduciary duty to act in the best interest of their clients. Many independent RIAs work with complex portfolios and address unique needs that require a highly customized level of investment management strategy and consultation. Generally, independent RIAs provide advice and services for a transparent fee based on a percentage of their client’s assets.

Why might an independent RIA be a good choice for you?

Independent RIAs generally have affiliations with a variety of firms who assist with tax planning, estate planning, money management and more. These affiliations allow them to help their clients with complex financial needs which can generally make available to them a wide universe of products and services. Therefore, an RIA can better tailor solutions to your individual goals. In addition, since an independent RIA’s compensation is typically directly tied to growing your assets, it gives an advisor more incentive to achieve greater performance results—when you succeed, your advisor succeeds. This structure is simple and easy to understand, helping to avoid surprises.

Enjoy a different kind of relationship.

RIAs also typically use institutional custodians to hold and safeguard their clients’ stocks, mutual funds and other assets. These custodians can provide important infrastructure services such as executing trades, online access and the preparation of monthly brokerage statements for clients. This helps an RIA focus on understanding your needs and providing the best advice possible. The goal of an RIA is to help find solutions that are closely aligned with your needs and objectives, and as an independent RIA, we enjoy a deep, personal relationship with our clients. Regular, ongoing interactions help make this possible.